roadworksign-thumbIn addition to the ongoing Big Bear bridge project at the dam and the roadwork on Highway 38, at the base of the mountain and into Mentone, CalTrans has additional highway projects scheduled for next week. On Monday through Wednesday, August 3-5, just one lane will be open on Highway 38, between Two Lakes Road and Heart Bar above Angelus Oaks, to accommodate an asphalt project. Motorists can expect flagging and delays on Highway 38 from 8am to 3pm on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. On Thursday, August 6, CalTrans will have Highway 330 completely closed from 8am to 3pm. Terri Kasinga with CalTrans tells KBHR that, rather than do flagging over a series of days, 330 will be closed for just one day, for the completion of guardrail repairs, stenciling, shoulder work, crack seal and other related maintenance. About a month ago, Highway 330 had been closed for guardrail repair to 46 areas and the removal of Spanish Broom plants; however, guardrails have suffered damage since that time, so Thursday’s closure will allow for completion of the guardrail project. No Spanish Broom removal will take place because the plant is seeding and disturbing the plant will increase growth. For information on other, long-term roadwork planned by CalTrans, see our story posted June 11.

Update: There will also be flagging on Highway 18 en route to Lucerne Valley to accommodate a paving project. Motorists can expect flagging and delays from Meridian Road to Central, midweek from 8am to 3pm for at least the first two weeks in August (though could be longer) on Highway 18.