Big Bear, CA, May 8, 2013 – It was announced today that a decision has been made as to who will receive the reward money offered by authorities  in the case of Christopher Dorner.  James and Karen Reynolds, who were held hostage in their condo near Bear Mountain Resort by Dorner, will receive the bulk of the $1 million reward money at 80% or $800,000,  15% will be awarded to Danny McGowen, who reported Dorner’s burning pick up truck in the forest near Bear Mountain and 5% will be awarded to a truck driver, R. Lee McDaniel, who spotted Dorner outside a gas station.  None of the money will go to Rick Heltebrake, who was car jacked by Dorner while law enforcement were in pursuit, as authorities determined that his phone call did not aid in the capture of Dorner.  Christopher Dorner was an ex-LAPD who began targeting fellow law enforcement officers and their families after posting a manifesto of his intentions.  He was killed in a shoot out with police in a cabin in the area of Seven Oaks on February 12th.