Last night at the City of Big Bear Lake City Council meeting, Council members awarded a contract to Rubberized Crackfiller Sealant, Inc. to crack seal about 63 miles of City roadways this year.  The City of Big Bear Lake Public Works Department annually contracts out for the job as the winter weather takes a toll on the asphalt roadway.  The anticipated cost this year is $116,000 approved by Council.  A presentation was made to Council for their consideration to adopt an Administrative Citation and Hearing Ordinance to provide an additional enforcement tool to the Code Compliance Division which would provide for more efficient, effective and financially responsible means of resolving difficult Code Compliance Division cases.  In addition, Council designated Mayor Pro Tem Bill Jahn as the Voting Delegate and Mayor Rick Herrick as the Alternate Delegate for the 2009 League of California Cities Annual Conference and proposed resolutions from the League of California Cities regarding underage drinking and predatory bank practices.  Also of note, at the close of last night’s meeting, adjournment of the meeting was made by Mayor Herrick in memory of Greg Boll.