At last night’s Big Bear Lake City Council meeting, the council members unanimously agreed to approve waiving the fee for the Performing Arts Center to the Lighthouse Project’s Vision 2009 Summit scheduled for February 25.  Discussion regarding revised Council Meeting format and procedures lead to some changes with how City Council meetings will be conducted.  Council members unanimously approved, most notably, increasing the time allotted for Council member general comments to 3 minutes.  Also approved was an increase in the amount of time the public can comment after an item is open to Council discussion to 3 minutes.  In a departure from past meeting agenda procedures, a portion of the agenda called future agenda items will be dropped in favor of Council members input on the staff level.  Lastly, the conduct of winter operations to date lead to the agreement that City Manager Jeff Mathieu and Mayor Rick Herrick would be in contact with Senator Dutton, Assemblyman Cook and Supervisor Derry to discuss our district under the supervision of Caltrans District 8.   The next regularly scheduled City Council meeting is scheduled for February 9.