Big Bear, Ca, January 14, 2011, 8:00am – On January 13th, the Big Bear Lake Resort Association revealed the organization’s new brand, including logo, slogan and brand imagery.  Rick Shoup, President and CEO of the Big Bear Lake Resort Association, announced the reason for re-branding is to increase awareness that Big Bear is a mountain getaway for outdoor recreation and a healthy lifestyle.  Shoup, the Resort Association  management staff, and Board of Directors identified several months ago that it’s kachina-style bear logo and slogan “A Breath of Fresh Air” that was created 10 years ago had grown outdated.  The objective was to develop an updated brand with a more active tone that communicates more effectively with Big Bear’s target market.  According to Shoup, “Our new brand captures the essence of Big Bear as a mountain getaway for families and healthy, out-door-oriented individuals.  The new brand exemplifies this better than before with a more active tone.”  The design of the Resort Association’s new logo is a shield shape similar to a National Forest trail sign and the key identifier on the logo is a bear icon with the inscription “Mountain Lake Escape”.  Additionally, the new logo will allow for 10 secondary action icons that communicate a variety of recreational activities including a cabin, fish, mountain biker, skier and snowboarder among others.  The BBLRA’s new slogan is “Live it. Up.”  The new website will be up and running in three weeks but you can view the new logo here on our website.