recpark-thumb2The Sugarloaf Skatepark is as good as new, given some repairs that were completed this afternoon. According to Recreation Superintendent Glenn Jacklin with the Big Bear Valley Recreation and Park District, “We filled the cracks with a new compound that’s supposed to work better in an alpine environment, we repainted the skatepark’s surface so it’s bright blue again, and cleaned the whole area.” Given supplies already on hand and in-house labor from the maintenance department, there was no cost involved in spiffing up the Sugarloaf Skatepark, which has seen much use since it first opened in October of 2007. Recreation and Park District staff will continue with upgrades and repairs to the the park’s basketball and tennis courts this week. Other park improvements as of this week include the completion of new information boards at The Ranch Sports Complex in Erwin Lake. Seventeen-year-old Connor McCutcheon, a Big Bear High School junior, designed and built the info boards, complete with wooden posts and framework, as his final project to become an Eagle Scout.