Big Bear, Ca, August 4, 2011, 8:00am –The San Bernardino County redistricting process will continue next Tuesday, August 9th, at the county offices at 2:00pm.  The County supervisors have been meeting to decide how they will redraw the district lines within the county, to create districts with equal populations.  According to Neil Derry’s office the majority of the people that have come to express their opinions have been from the mountain areas.  The mountain residents have expressed that they want the mountain areas from Crestline to Big Bear, down to Forest Falls to be overseen by one supervisor.  Supervisor Neil Derry had the following to say about re-districting: “Crestline to Big Bear to Forest Falls is a unique area, and it  belongs together.  While the different communities, have their own personalities, and their own specific perspective, overall the entire mountain areas share the same common thoughts on snow removal, on tourism for local economies, and fire issues.”   Supervisor Derry encourages mountain residents to attend the meeting and voice their opinion on how they would like to see the district lines down.  Supervisor Derry also urges mountain residents to visit where they can leave comments about the redistricting.