r2requirement-thumbGiven last night’s snowfall, R2 chain requirements are in place on two of our mountain highways. For those traveling on Highway 18 to Running Springs, or on Highway 38 over Onyx Summit, an R2 requirement is in effect, and this also applies to portions of Highways 18 and 38 within the Big Bear Valley including the North Shore east of Stanfield Cutoff and Big Bear Boulevard west of Pine Knot. An R2 requirement, as issued by CalTrans, means that you must have chains on the drive wheels of your vehicle, unless in a four-wheel drive with snow tires on all four wheels and carrying chains. At present (at 9am), there are no chain requirements on Highway 18, from Baldwin Lake to Lucerne Valley. There are also no chain restrictions on Highway 330, which remains open though downbound lanes had been blocked due to a vehicle collision this morning. If not carrying chains, you could be ticketed by the California Highway Patrol, resulting in fines totaling $108.

Additional Information on Current Big Bear Road Conditions