Big Bear, CA, February 14, 2013 – With the presumption Christopher Dorner is now deceased the next question is who, if anyone, is eligible for the reward money?  Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa offered $1 million for information leading to the capture and conviction of Dorner.  Additionally, the LA City Council offered $100,000 for information leading to the identification, apprehension and conviction of the alleged killer.  And, the LA Board of Supervisors offered $100,000 for information leading to the capture of Christopher Dorner according to TMZ.  So the question now is does anyone qualify?   We have learned more about the circumstances of Tuesday that lead Dorner to run.  Initial unconfirmed reports stated that two cleaning women had stumbled upon Dorner in his hideout in a condo unit across from Bear Mountain Resort but the real hostages have come forward to end the confusion.  Jim and Karen Reynolds, owners of the building where Dorner was hiding out, told CBS that they had been at the condo for snow clearing and yard maintenance as early as Friday.  On Tuesday, they entered the unit for cleaning around 12 noon and were surprised to find Dorner inside.  He instructed the couple to remain calm, tied them up and stole their vehicle.  Karen Reynolds was able to free herself enough to call police at 12:20pm on her cell phone that was left behind by Dorner.  The next positive identification of Dorner came from a state Fish and Wildlife warden who passed Dorner’s vehicle on Highway 38 after observing the vehicle swerving recklessly.  In an attempt to avoid capture, Dorner turned down Glass Road, crashed that vehicle and carjacked a second vehicle from Rick Heltebrake, according to his interview with KTLA.  Boy Scout camp ranger, Heltebrake, was patrolling the area as he does on occasion.  On this day, Dorner approached Heltebrake for his vehicle instructing him to take his dog and just start walking.  All three witnesses who encountered the suspect during his attempt to flee Big Bear positively identified him as Christopher Dorner.  These events preceded the standoff at an isolated cabin near Seven Oakes where it is believed he died and his remains were recovered from the burning building.  Based on this information, who is eligible for the $1 million plus reward money?  As Karen Reynolds stated, “we heard nobody was getting that because he needed to be captured and convicted.”  The final decision of who may or may not receive the reward money may be determined by a group of attorneys.