sanbernardino-thumb1San Bernardino County’s Assistant Assessor Dennis Draeger has issued an advisory to property owners saying, essentially, do not pay for free services. Per the statement issued today: “Various private companies are mailing solicitations to property owners, offering their services to file a Proposition 8/Decline in Market Value Review request with the Assessor’s Office for a fee. These fees range from $95 to thousands of dollars. Property owners may file Prop 8 applications directly with the Assessor’s Office free of charge. The San Bernardino County Assessor’s office will review approximately 235,000 single-family residences and condominiums for the 2009 assessment roll under the Decline in Market Value provisions. Any home or condominium acquired or newly constructed after January 1, 2001 will be automatically reviewed in addition to any property whose owner or authorized agent requested a review regardless of property type, date of acquisition, or when the new construction was completed. All property that was reduced under this provision for the 2008 assessment roll will be reviewed for possible further adjustment for 2009. Notices of value changes will be mailed out starting May 4, 2009.” For more information regarding a Decline in Market Value Review, property owners can contact the County Assessor’s office toll-free at 877/885-7654 or via the County Assessor’s office website. Those who suspect they may be victim to a misleading mailing may contact the California Attorney General’s Public Inquiry Unit.