sanbernardino-thumb1Pending a vote by the San Bernardino County Board of Supervisors, residents of the southern section of Erwin Lake will have improved snow plowing and road grading services. Following the large snowstorms in December 2008, residents of the County’s Service Area 70, Zone R-45 contacted the County, asking for increased assistance for roads in southern Erwin Lake. In June, a mailed ballot was sent to owners of the 59 parcels within the district; of the 30 properly returned ballots, 17 were in favor of placing a $540 per parcel charge for road maintenance service on the tax roll. This $540 fee will be for the first year only; subsequent service charges will be $160 per parcel per year. County Supervisors will, in their 10am meeting today (August 18), vote on approval of the ballot results before moving forward with the vote as it applies to the tax roll fee for these residents of Erwin Lake.