San Bernardino, CA, April 2, 2013 – Forest Service Fire crews are planning to burn about 120 acres as part of the Angelus Oaks Fuel Reduction project. Weather conditions permitting, firefighters expect the project to last one week, and they’re planning to begin work as early as April 8.

The project area is located along Forest Road 1N12 north of Angelus Oaks. Smoke and flames will be visible to residents and motorists along State Route 38, and may be visible from other mountain communities and highways.

Doing this work reduces the risk of a catastrophic wildfire threatening mountain communities under typical, dry and windy conditions common to the area in the summer and fall fire seasons.  The burn is part of a larger 535 acre project initiated in 2004.

The Angelus Oaks Fuel Reduction project has reduced fuels around the Angelus Oaks community. Pile burning and broadcast burning are part of fuels treatments that include mechanical removal of vegetation. Fuel reduction projects near mountain communities include removing dead trees as well as thinning and stacking piles of dense brush, and burning the piles in the wet season.