Big Bear Valley, CA, July 8, 2014 – Yesterday at about 8:30 am, many areas of the Big Bear Valley experienced a power outage that lasted approximately 30 minutes. This was due to a radio controlled airplane striking power lines in the Sandalwood area.

When the plane struck the lines it opened a circuit which then shut down the power. In normal circumstances, the circuit would have closed again within a few seconds restoring the power. However, as a safety precaution during times of high fire danger, the circuit was set to remain open, allowing Bear Valley Electric Service personnel time to find the damaged line and make sure it wasn’t arcing or causing sparks. Things worked exactly as they were supposed to.

When enjoying outside activities such as kite flying, radio controlled airplanes, or anything that involves aerial activities, keep in mind where the power lines are and if something does happen, notify the electric company or the fire department immediately.