Anne Zimmerman has been named chairman of the City of Big Bear Lake’s Planning Commission, following a unanimous vote from fellow Commissioners Richard Lambert, David Caretto and Craig Smith; Commissioner Richard Hackney was not in attendance for Wednesday’s meeting. Lambert also received the unanimous support of his fellow commissioners, in being named the Planning Commission’s new vice chairman. In other news from the meeting of January 21, an update was provided on the status of the A.J. Acosta Company, which provides firewood processing, firewood sales and tree service at 42112 Big Bear Boulevard. According to the City’s Director of Community Services Phil Mosley, the Acosta Company was, in June of 2008, directed by the Commission to bring 18 compliance issues up to code by January 1, 2009—some of these issues were site improvements, such as installing an 8’ high decorative screen wall, and other points included operational modifications, including woodpile height and placement. As Mosley tells KBHR, “As of January 1, he was not in compliance with those 18 conditions of approval. As such, as stated in the resolution, Acosta’s Plot Plan Review was automatically revoked, so he is operating without required land use approval.” At present, the Acosta Company is in business but in violation of the City’s Municipal Code. Mosley further adds, “Because of the lapse, he has to apply for a new Conditional Use Permit. If we have to pursue court actions to bring him into compliance, we will.” In a subsequent conversation with Andy Acosta, he tells KBHR, “The rules that were agreed to are very biased to me, because this site was an existing wood yard, since 1994. We had until January 1, and I asked for an extension, and they would not provide it. The concrete privacy wall is being installed right now, and we have a meeting today with the lawyers.”