Big Bear, Ca, October 28, 2011, 4:00pm – In the future the City of Big Bear Lake may be using other methods to get information out to the public than the newspaper.  Historically public notices have legally had to be published in the newspaper to announce issues that need public input, or that are to be brought to the public’s attention.  At a recent California League of Cities meeting, the issue was brought up that newspapers may not be the best venue to get information out to the community anymore as readership levels have gone down across not only California, but the entire United States. The Big Bear Lake City Council sent the idea to Planning Commission to look into alternative forms of getting public notices out to the residents of the Valley.  Some of the ideas are email alerts, fliers in newsletters or mailers, or a page on the city website for these items.  Jim Miller, City of Big Bear Lake Community Development Direct told KBHR that the city is “not trying to eliminate anything, we are just trying to see how we can reach people better.”  Miller also added that the younger generations don’t read newspapers like past generations.  The issue will be discussed at the November 16th meeting of the Planning Commission, and the public is encouraged to attend and provide input.