Big Bear, CA, July 3, 2014 – We will all be enjoying the spectacular fireworks show tomorrow night. That is, if you’re a human. But not so much if you’re a dog. Here at KBHR, we receive the most reports of dogs being lost after the fireworks display. Here are some things to consider before the festivities begin.

First and foremost, don’t take your dog to a July 4th celebration. Even dogs who appear oblivious to loud noises can be affected by just one especially loud boom. Don’t assume that a dog who seems fine isn’t being affected by the noise. Sometimes you won’t see the symptoms until long after the event. Make sure your dog has identification on at all times just in case they run off.

If you know you have a sound sensitive dog, plan ahead. Stay home if you can and keep your dog in a quiet place as far from exterior walls and windows as possible. Sometimes soothing music can help with anxiety and for truly serious cases, medication may be necessary.