mwdlogothumbAs of Thursday afternoon, the Board of Directors for the Big Bear Municipal Water District, the agency that oversees the lake, will address their board reorganization. However, unlike other agencies and districts within the Big Bear Valley, the MWD Directors serve as president on a rotating basis, rather than holding an election. As the office of president rotates from division to division annually, Division 1 Director Todd Murphy will wrap his term as of the 1pm meeting on January 7, and Division 2 Director Paula Fashempour, currently vice president, will assume the top post; Division 3 Director Skip Suhay, on the board that also includes Vince Smith and John Eminger, will serve as vice president in 2010. Tomorrow’s meeting, to take place at the MWD offices at 40524 Lakeview Drive, will also include a public hearing with regard to lake fees, to be effective February 4. As proposed by the Budget/Finance Committee, the $5 Quagga Mussel surcharge imposed in 2009 will remain intact, while daily permit fees may be reduced and filming permit fees may be increased.