The newly formed Prevention Task Force overseen by Operation Breakthrough advises parents that an April 18 rave party, such as the one held at Pharaoh’s Lost Kingdom in Redlands last month, is being marketed to Inland Empire youth. Tomorrow’s off-the-mountain rave, being touted online as “the biggest SoCal celebration of electronic and chronic culture,” is a potentially unsafe environment, per Bonnie Shaffer, spokesperson for Operation Breakthrough’s Task Force. As she explains, “Big Bear kids who are looking for a party can simply make the trip down to Pharaoh’s and experience this event, where they will likely be exposed to various drugs and other dangerous drug-related activities. We are concerned over the possibility of our kids attending such an event, and parents need to know.” The March rave, attended by over 6,800, resulted in 41 arrests, most of them for drug-related offenses. For more information on this, as well as ways the Task Force is working within Big Bear to keep youth from getting involved with drugs and alcohol, call Operation Breakthrough at 866-5437.