San Bernardino County, CA — Homeowners are reminded that the second property tax installment is due in less than two weeks. San Bernardino County Tax Collector Larry Walker reminds that taxes from property owners must be received by Monday, April 12 to avoid penalties, though many payment options are available. Property taxes can be paid over the phone at 387-8308 (which is without a fee if using an e-check from a checking or savings account; a fee is applied if paying by credit card). Online payments can be made via, which will also allow for viewing and printing of your bill. Property taxes can also be paid in person, at 172 W. Third Street, First Floor in San Bernardino (92415), or mailed; payments postmarked on or before April 12 are considered on time. However you choose to pay, just be sure that your property taxes are received by the County Tax Collector by April 12 to avoid a 10% penalty.