Big Bear City, June 11, 2014 – A longtime Big Bear City Community Services District Director is moving on. Director Jeff Newsome was elected in November of 2001 and served as President of the Board in 2005 and 2011. At the last CSD Board of Directors meeting, he announced that his resignation will be effective June 17.

That leaves the remaining Board to decide whether they’ll fill the vacancy by appointment or call a special election; they’ll discuss their options at the next meeting on June 16.

Newsome released a prepared resignation statement, which reads, in part:

Words cannot express my gratitude for the support the community has shown me and the many kind words of encouragement I have received through the years.  I leave the Big Bear CSD at a high water mark.  Admin and labor work together superbly.  Our partnership with the City of Big Bear Lake, which I believe will prove our best long term investment ever made, grows stronger by the day.
Most importantly, I leave you with the best Board in our history.  They are, each and every one, selflessly committed to our community’s well being and as cohesive a group as any I have seen in my political career.  They may differ, but they remain the dedicated unit our staff deserves.  It has long been my goal to make the Board so effective and mundanely professional that we are unworthy of press coverage.  By the frequent absence of reporters in these chambers, it appears that goal has been achieved.  May it always be so.
To my friends on the Board, staffs around the valley and, most of all, to the voters, I beg your forgiveness for ending my term five months early.  I have seized upon a unique employment opportunity which will provide income and no small amount of adventure to Kathleen and me.  Unfortunately, that job and this one are incompatible.  My apologies, but the gig is simply too good to resist.  I hope you all will give me credit for time served and think well of me.  I will think fondly of you all, and our valley, for the rest [of] my life.

The CSD Board meets the first and third Monday of the month at 5:30 p.m. at the CSD building.