Chief Willis with BBL Fire District Board from left Rick Herrick, David Caretto, Chair Jay Obernolte, Liz Harris, Bill Jahn

Big Bear Lake, Ca July 14, 2011 12:00 pm Yesterday’s meeting of the Big Bear Lake Fire Protection District was notable in many ways.  With most items on the agenda entered on the Consent Calendar, the board was able to focus their attention on a presentation on the Healthy Urban Forest Initiative by David Yegge and the final item on the agenda, the swearing in of the District’s new Interim Fire Chief, Jeff Willis.  With his installation, Willis retains his current position as Fire Chief for the Big Bear City Fire Department and will be dividing his time between the two departments.  Willis’ services are contracted to the Big Bear Lake fire district by the Community Services District, with half his salary being reimbursed to the CSD by Big Bear Lake.  The contract renews annually, unless terminated by either the CSD or the Big Bear Lake Fire District.  Under the provisions of the contract, Chief Willis’ duties include evaluating the potential for sharing more fire services between the two departments.  He is required however, to refrain from allowing his position to prejudice the options available for possible merger or consolidation of the fire services.  Willis’ services as Chief for Big Bear Lake will be supervised by the Big Bear Lake Fire Protection District.  His work as Chief of the Big Bear City Fire Department will continue to be supervised by the CSD.