Big Bear, Ca, June 17, 2011, 1:00pm – The Municipal Water District Board of Directors decided on July 16th that it would move forward in acquiring the Department of Water and Power.  Board Members authorized council to begin drafting paperwork to file imminent domain on the DWP.  Both organizations, including the Big Bear Lake City Council are in favor of the absorption of the DWP by the MWD.  At the meeting, board members of the MWD also approved a balanced budget, and approved an additional $100,000 towards herbicide for milfoil treatment.  Milfoil is an invasive species, or waterweed that has become more abundant this year due to the increased water levels.  The MWD also approved the trout pond clean up plan which consists of demolishing the bait shack, remove abandoned vehicles from the property, clear the property of debris and trash, drain the pond and identify the amount of sediment that needs to be removed from the pond.  Long term ideas and goals for the pond include excavating the sediment from the pond, develop warm or cold fish rearing habitats to allow for different types of fish, and possibly develop an onsite regionally connected trail system.  The trout pond was acquired by the MWD last year.

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