Big Bear Lake, CA — The updated Big Bear Lake ordinance, as it pertains to non-marina kayak rentals, was unanimously approved by the Board of Directors of the Big Bear Municipal Water District at their April meeting, which took place on the 1st. As adopted, explains MWD General Manager Scott Heule, “The big piece on Ordinance 43 allows the kayak rental businesses to continue renting to customers but prohibits them from conducting any commercial activities on the lake, meaning they cannot provide instruction, training or tours unless they are conducting that business at a commercial marina. That is the gist. In the future, by next boating season, they will be able to secure a commercial permit from the district that would allow them to do those things.” Prior to making this decision, the MWD Board considered public input, dating back to last summer and including a community workshop in October. In other news from the MWD, which launched boating season on the lake just days ago, on April 1st, Heule reports that just two boats entered the water on day one and yesterday, April 5, the public boat launch ramps closed early, at 10am, due to the snowstorm and wind event. Despite a slow-go for boating season’s first week, Heule notes that fishermen are catching their limit of hungry trout on Big Bear Lake; that limit is five trout per fisherman per day.