buoymwd-thumbGood news from the Big Bear Municipal Water District: Big Bear Lake remains Quagga Mussel free! Per a statement issued by the MWD this afternoon (September 17), in the second full boating season of Quagga Mussel inspections, more than 1,020 boats have been decontaminated since April 1, 2009. All vessels with water in their bilge or lowers units that have not been clean, drained and dried prior to launching on Big Bear Lake are decontaminated with the hot water wash provided by MWD personnel. Though boaters are not charged for the decontamination, an added lake surcharge of $5 per vessel is paying for the program. In addition to the 1,000+ boats that have been decontaminated this season, more than 10,000 seals have been placed on boats leaving the lake, allowing them to launch at a later date without having to go through the Quagga Mussel inspection process. Monthly microscopic lake water sample analysis and visual inspection of special test media, per the MWD, continue to show Big Bear Lake is Quagga Mussel free. (For background on the Quagga Mussel, see our story posted in March; other Quagga news is available in our 2008 News Archive.)