Big Bear Lake, CA, March 16, 2012, noon – Winter storms have been sporadic this year, but K-BEAR Meteorologist Ben Brissey says there’s a big one projected for this weekend that could bring several inches of snow. So if you must get in your car and travel anywhere in the mountains this weekend, Caltrans has a few helpful tips to make your drive a safe and enjoyable one. Fill up your gas tank and always have tire chains with you. Mountain weather is unpredictable and changes without warning. Bring water, food, warm clothing, sturdy shoes or boots, and necessary medications. Bring a charged cell phone and your cell phone charger for your vehicle. Bring a flashlight or battery operated radio just in case.  Make sure your tires are in good condition and your vehicle is running well. If you need to install tire chains, use the chain control areas or turnouts near chain control locations – never block the roadway or put chains on next to the road. Never play in the snow next to the roadway – it is dangerous for you, your kids, and other motorists. And remember, always make room and slow down for Caltrans equipment, CHP vehicles, and emergency responders. For the latest weather and road information listen to 93.3FM or visit