Big Bear Lake, Ca, December 5, 2010, 2:30pm –

Derek Hermon makes sure Nate Williams dosent fall while doing pull up

Mountain Fitness Center set the bar high this past weekend, with a goal of accomplishing 10,000 Pull Ups in One Day. Mountain Fitness Center knew this would be a community effort, and that it would take people young and old to help complete it.  While they did not reach their goal, 44 people came together to complete a remarkable 4,575 Pull Ups.  Two people did over 500 pull ups including MFC’s own Ted Devito, and rock climber Colin Schour.

Colin Schour and Ted Devito, both completed over 500 pull ups in one day

While his older brothers normally get in the news for their mountain biking, 5 year old Nate Williams completed over 100 pull ups, and 7 year old Laura Kibler completed over 50 all by herself.  Nate told KBHR that he was having a lot of fun, and that pull ups were easy. Ted Devito was very excited to see all of the people come out and participate, and cant wait to do it again next year.  For more information on upcoming Mountain Fitness Center events visit their website.   [audio:|titles=MFC Pull Ups ]

Conor Hafen is awarded with the 100 Pull up sticker