libraryThe Big Bear Library had been scheduled for a remodel in September, but the new circulation desk had not yet been available from the manufacturer—but now, six months later, plans are in the works to close the library as of Thursday, April 2, so refurbishing can begin. When the remodel was first scheduled by the San Bernardino County Library System, Head Librarian Pamela Heiman said that before upgrades could begin, all shelving and all books would first need to be removed, to allow for fresh paint and the replacement of carpet. “That’s the biggie,” Heiman said, “the library hasn’t been repainted in 16 years, but it’s the new carpet we’re really looking forward to.” In addition to the new paint and carpet, the Big Bear Library on Garstin Drive in Big Bear Lake will get additional public computers, a new security system, and a new circulation desk (paid for in part by Friends of the Library); the new circulation desk will allow for self check-out once the library re-opens on April 22. At that time, there will also be a new space for the Friends of the Library bookstore, and shelving to accommodate the $5,000 in new books, purchased with award money when Big Bear was named the Great American City in 2007 in the cross-country Great American Race; of these funds, $2,000 was designated for new children’s books, and some funds were used to replace some favorite titles. During the library closure, from April 2 through 21st, library patrons will be able to return materials, using the book drop, though Heiman asks that book donations be held until May. For those planning to file taxes using the computers at the library, this will need to be done in March; once the library closes, federal and state tax forms will be available at the Big Bear Chamber of Commerce offices in the Village. Adds Heiman, “The most exciting thing about our new remodel will be the new circulation system, self check-out and the new security system. Hopefully the new check-out system will eliminate some standing in line, and save time.” Those interested in volunteering their time during the remodel are welcome to call the Big Bear Library at 866-5571.