Parents, if your child has outgrown their clothes or is ready for some new, age-appropriate toys, the MOM Project will host a free toy and clothing exchange this Saturday, and the opportunity to participate is open to all Valley families. MOM Project Director Marilyn Vecchio tells KBHR, “People bring everything. It’s kind of like a big, free yard sale.” The exchange takes place from 9am to noon on Saturday the 7th and continues on most first Saturdays at the MOM Project, located at 1221 E. Big Bear Boulevard at Highway 38. If you have child-appropriate items to donate, but don’t want to participate in the exchange, the MOM Project will accept donations this week—preferred drop-off is Saturday morning, though the center will be open days and evenings this week while classes are in session. During Saturday’s free toy and clothing exchange, the MOM Project will also offer a crafts class for kids of all ages and their parents at 10:30am. For more information on Saturday’s activities or other services offered by the MOM Project, call 585-5607.