Big Bear, Ca, November 11, 2011, 3:00pm – The City of Big Bear Lake Improvement Agency and the Planning Commission will hold a joint special workshop on Monday, November 14th at 10:00am in Hofert Hall.  The purpose of the meeting is for members of both the Improvement Agency and Planning Commission to receive an update on progress on the design for the Village L streetscape and Knickerbocker channel trail capital improvement projects.  The objective for the streetscape projects is to replace current walkways to enhance and improve pedestrian walk-ability, and the overall aesthetic appearance of the Village L.  For the Knickerbocker channel trail, the objective is to provide a new trail for pedestrians and bicyclists with a connection to the lake, and to link to a future parking lot to be constructed somewhere on Knickerbocker road.  The Improvement Agency and Planning Commission will be provided with updates from the projects contractors, RRM Design Group and the Matich Corporation.  If the timelines for design and approval go as planned, it is thought that construction on these projects could begin as early as next spring.  The public is invited and encouraged to attend the meeting.