Local postmasters say mailboxes will be need to be cleared of snow (as was done in this Bear City neighborhood last Tuesday) for delivery to take place.

Though we had nearly a week without postal service, as mail delivery trucks were unable to get up the mountain, postal service did resume last week and local branches of the U.S. Postal Service are attempting street delivery for those who have mailboxes or cluster boxes in their neighborhood. Big Bear Lake Postmaster Javier Fregoso tells KBHR that they have been able to reach their street delivery boxes, though there is still one cluster box that remains bermed in at Sheephorn and Moonridge Road, so mail delivery to that location will be unavailable until cleared by postal customers (one of whom has since called to say that the berm there is 8′ high). Ron Ward, postmaster in Big Bear City, says, “We’re trying to deliver as much as we can, though there are still quite a few berms out there.” That said, until the areas are cleared, postal employees will be unable to deliver though, Ward adds, “Mail customers can also come to the post office to pick up their mail.”