Big Bear Lake, CA, February 12, 2014 – Today KBHR is airing the final installment of our retrospect on the case of Christopher Dorner. The three-minute segment airs at the top of every other hour on 93.3 FM, and features brief interviews with three Big Bear residents. They tell us what it was like to lead a school during a crisis, to be a concerned parent, and to get caught in the middle of a high speed car chase.

On Monday, February 10, the San Bernardino County District Attorney’s office released a 59-page memo concluding that the deadly and non-deadly force used by law enforcement personnel in Angelus Oaks a year ago today was legally justified. The report reads, in part:

All of the actions of law enforcement were legally justified based on the choices made by Christopher Dorner….It should also be pointed out that Dorner was not killed by law enforcement or by the fire in the cabin. Dorner had the opportunity to surrender or escape throughout this incident, up to and including the point at which the fire started. He had windows and doors that were available to him even several minutes after the fire started at the cabin. He chose to kill himself rather than surrender to law enforcement and face trial for his crimes. His death is not the result of the actions of the law enforcement personnel at the scene, but the result of his own actions and choice.