San Bernardino National Forest, CA, October 9, 2013 – The Federal lapse in funding is officially restricting some recreation in the San Bernardino National Forest. The U.S. Forest Service has provided the following list of closures.

All Campgrounds and Yellow Post sites are closed:

  • In the Big Bear Area, this includes Serrano, Pineknot, Hanna Flat, Holcomb Valley, Big Pine Flats, and Horse Spring.
  • Group campgrounds, including Juniper Springs, Greenspot Equestrian, Buttercup, Boulder, Deer, Bluff Mesa, Ironwood, Big Pine Equestrian, and Tanglewood
  • In the Barton Flats area, Heartbar, South Fork, San Gorgonio, and Barton Flats
  • Group campgrounds closed in this area include Heartbar Equestrian, Coon Creek Cabin, Wildhorse Equestrian, Skyline, Lobo, Oso, Council
  • In the Green Valley Lake/Lake Arrowhead area, Green Valley Lake, Crab Flats, Dogwood, and North Shore Campgrounds are closed.
  • Group campgrounds closed in this area include Shady Cove, Fisherman’s, and Tent Peg

Developed Day Use Facilities are also closed:

  • In the Big Bear Area, this includes Aspen Glen, Juniper Point, Meadows Edge, Grout Bay, Gray’s Peak, Cougar Crest, Woodland Trailheads and the Cactus Flat OHV staging area.
  • In Barton Flats, Jenks Lake is closed.
  • In the Lake Arrowhead/Green Valley Lake area, facilities along the rim are closed, including Baylis, Crest, Switzer, and the Heap’s Peak Arboretum.  The gate to Spinter’s Cabin is closed, as is the gate to the Camp Creek Trailhead.  Pinnacles OHV staging area is closed as well.

Finally, visitor centers — including the Big Bear Discovery Center, the Children’s Forest, and the Barton Flats Visitor Center — are also closed until government funding is restored.