Members of the Bear Valley Unified School District Citizens’ Oversight Committee met last Thursday to receive a construction and budget update regarding the implementation of Measure Q funds in our school district.  Completion of the Big Bear High School Quad is expected by September 20th.  Construction at the Middle School is expected to be completed by October 31st.  Work at this site was delayed by nine months when crews discovered water below the surface of the soil ceasing building until a solution was found.  The solution resulted in the installation of geopiers at an additional $472,000 to the budget.  However, once the Middle School facility and High School Quad are completed, it is expected that some Measure Q dollars will remain.  At the August 20th meeting of the Bear Valley Unified School District Board of Trustees, that amount will be disclosed.  Any remaining Measure Q funds will be allocated to additional projects at the schools with a recommendation presented by Walter Con, Director of Business Services of the school district.  All schools in the district are getting a $1.5 million dollar technology upgrade.  Installation of the new equipment began last week at the High School and will begin at each of the elementary and middle schools taking approximately one to two weeks at each site to complete.  The system, which includes teacher training, should be operational after the October break.