forestservicelogoMeghan Pawlowski, a Mountaintop Ranger District biologist stationed in Big Bear, has been selected to go on an Earthwatch expedition to Costa Rica.  This prestigious selection is a cooperative program between the Forest Service and Earthwatch Institute.

During Meghan’s 8-day expedition in August, she will be part of a team of Earthwatch volunteers and scientists who will work on a large-scale research project that focuses on the sustainable production of coffee in the Coope Tarrazú region of Costa Rica.  The Earthwatch team will be collecting data that will help local farmers learn how to manage the land more sustainably while continuing to produce a high quality product.  This project intends to increase environmentally-friendly farming practices and to raise global awareness for the connection between consumer choices and sustainable agricultural techniques.

“I’m excited because Costa Rica is known for its extraordinary wildlife and forests,” said Meghan.  “I’m especially interested in amphibians and reptiles and I’m looking forward to seeing some species of frogs and snakes that I haven’t seen before.”

Earthwatch Institute is an international non-profit organization that brings science to life for people concerned about the Earth’s future.  Founded in 1971, Earthwatch supports scientific field research by offering volunteers the opportunity to join research teams around the world.  This unique model is creating a systematic change in how the public views science and its role in environmental sustainability.

Three other Forest Service employees in the United States were also sponsored to participate in Earthwatch expeditions.

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