Big Bear Lake, CA, August 15, 2014 – The statewide general election is November 4, 2014, and voter information guides will be mailed out the first week of October. The Registrar of Voters updated their records overnight to include additional candidates for the Big Bear Airport District (see full list below).

The ballot will include open seats on six local governing boards: the School District, the Airport District, the Healthcare District, the Municipal Water District, the Community Services District and the Big Bear Lake City Council.

Some incumbents are running uncontested. Even with the deadline for candidates being extended to August 13th, for example, no challengers filed paperwork for the City Council seats–the first time that’s happened in 20 years. That leaves an uncontested race for incumbents Dave Caretto, Randy Putz and KBHR’s Rick Herrick. City Clerk Cheri Haggerty said the Council will hold a Special Meeting on  August 19 at 4:15 p.m. to decide whether to appoint the three by acclimation or still proceed with an election.

The candidates for other boards are as follows (*uncontested race).

*Bear Valley Community Healthcare District (2 seats, 4-year term): Gail McCarthy, Sara Russ

Bear Valley Unified School District (2 seats, 4-year term): Steve Foulkes, John Goepp, Kenneth Turney

Big Bear Airport District, Short-Term: (1 seat, 2-year term): Lynn Wilson, Gary Steube

Big Bear Airport District (2 seats, 4-year term): Steven Baker, Joseph Logan, Henry Peralez, Darrell Gardner, Joseph Kelly

Big Bear City Community Services District (3 seats, 4-year term): John Green, John Moran, Karen Oxandaboure, Elroi Reimnitz, L “Rob” Robbins, Al Ziegler

*Big Bear Municipal Water District, Division 1 (1 seat, 4-year term): Bob Ludecke

Big Bear Municipal Water District, Division 2 (1 seat, 4-year term): Larry Cooke, Mary Ann Lewis

Big Bear Municipal Water District, Division 3 (1 seat, 4-year term): Charles Brewster, Frank Howes