ethics-thumbIf seeking a contractor to do work, securing a licensed contractor will ensure that a code of ethics is followed. According to Josh Bailey, President of the Big Bear Valley Contractors Association, “The contractors’ code of ethics is the golden rule, as in ‘do unto others as you would have them do unto you.’ If somebody was coming to my neighborhood, I don’t want loud music, trash and parking issues or any other nightmares on my street. So, we want the community to know that our contractors subscribe to this code of conduct and that’s what you can expect.” Of the over 60 licensed contractors who belong to the BBVCA, more than 20 have also pledged their commitment to the new 13-point Community Contractor Program, which was inspired by the Lighthouse Project’s vision for a child-honoring community. Among the 13 points of the program is a commitment to use language that is not offensive or vulgar; observe all traffic laws and avoid aggressive or rude driving behavior; park at job sites to allow for traffic flow and driveway access; respect the peacefulness of neighborhoods (including music on job sites); keep job sites clean and safe, and observe proper smoking etiquette; use job site toilet facilities; and, point #13, “be mindful that we are guests in neighborhoods and children are likely watching us.” For those seeking a contractor, the contractors association website, at, lists specifics of the 13-point program and will soon list affiliated contractors as well. Those interested in joining fellow contractors in this commitment are welcome to attend the next general meeting of BBVCA, scheduled for February 17 at 5:30pm, at a location to be posted on the website.