Lifecare-thumbThe enrollment period for Lifecare ambulance membership is open and, to assure maximum benefit in the program offered by the Bear Valley Paramedic Ambulance Service, Valley residents should sign up by month’s end. Lifecare offers local ambulance service on an annual basis for just $59 per household—so, if you or a member of your family need emergency transport, Lifecare covers the cost unpaid by insurance. And, for those who do not have insurance coverage, the annual $59 Lifecare fee covers all ambulance transport. Per the Big Bear City Fire Department, the agency that offers the program locally, an average emergency transport via ambulance costs about $1200. Lifecare enrollment is offered year-round, though the annual program is renewed at the end of each October. All Big Bear Valley P.O. boxholders should have received Lifecare information but, if not, enrollment applications are available at the Big Bear City Fire Department, or via their website at For more information, you can also call 585-2362.