San Bernardino County, CA — In recent days, law enforcement has seized marijuana from four outdoor grows in the San Bernardino mountains and on the national forest. Per the press release issued by the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department:
“On Thursday, June 24 and Friday, June 25, 2010, the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Narcotics Division/Marijuana Eradication Team, United States Forest Service, and Campaign Against Marijuana Planting (or CAMP) eradicated four outdoor marijuana grows in San Bernardino County.
On Thursday, investigators found almost 59,000 marijuana plants growing in the canyon above Arrowhead Springs and over 5,000 plants growing in the canyon below Crest Park (between the communities of Rim Forest and Sky Forest). The Arrowhead Springs grow is believed to be one of the largest outdoor grows on San Bernardino County’s national forest.
On Friday, June 25, the Marijuana Team, U.S.F.S. and CAMP headed into Lytle Creek and found more than 32,000 plants in the canyon and on the ridgeline of Lower Lytle Creek Canyon. Additionally, they located another 3,000 plants in the Miller Narrows canyon and ridgeline.
In a statement from Sheriff Rod Hoops, he says, ‘It is unfortunate to see what is happening to our mountain communities and the national forest areas as a result of these illegal grow operations. It is worth every dollar spent to rid the forests of the environmental hazards and destruction that these suspects leave behind.’
Investigators recovered almost 100,000 marijuana plants, worth several hundred million dollars. No suspects were identified and anyone with information is urged to contact the Sheriff’s Narcotics Division at 909/890-4840.”