Big Bear, Ca, August 18, 2011, 12:00pm – Elementary School teachers at Baldwin Lane Elementary, Northshore Elementary and Big Bear Elementary have new supplies in stock thanks to the Kiwanis of Big Bear Valley, who donated supply bags to 44 teachers.  Each of the 44 teachers received a bag containing approximately $180 in school supplies.  The bag included a box of 10 colors of tempura paint, one or two reams of cardstock, a box of 800 crayons, six boxes of tissues, three bottles of hand sanitizer, a package of ball point pens, a package of 24 sharpies, a package of mixed colors of dry board markers and three board erasers, a box of small erasers for students, stickers, a box of glue sticks, and at least 96 pencils, some of which were donated by Union Bank.  Superintendent of Schools Kurt Madden told KBHR that the donation from the Kiwanis will greatly help teachers at the Elementary School. Mr. Madden added that if these donations were not received many of these teachers would have bought the supplies out of their own pocket.  Mr. Madden expressed his gratitude to the Kiwanis club and thanked them for their support of education.