Keep me WildBig Bear, Ca April 23, 2011 12:00 pm – The Big Bear Valley is surrounded by the San Bernardino National Forest, over 676,000 acres of land set aside in 1907 for the preservation of the natural resources in the area.  Enjoying this wilderness area is the reason many residents and cabin owners choose Big Bear for their home.  Having a residence within the forest can require keeping the local wildlife in mind.  Difficulties between humans and their wild neighbors can occur when trash, garbage, pet food, or bird seed looks like an easy food source for the animals.  When wildlife enter neighborhoods, often the only way to keep them from returning is to destroy them.  The Department of Fish and Game says, “Nuisance or trash bears are not relocated!……the wishful thinking that a relocated animal will live happily ever after is often wrong……Wildlife need your help to Keep them Wild.”  Big Bear residents can keep the local animals from becoming used to human food by keeping trash secure inside enclosures or with locking lids, keeping garbage inside until pick up day, feeding pets indoors, stringing bird feeders out of reach, scraping and burning outdoor grills free of fat and pieces of food.  For more tips, go to the Keep Me Wild page of the Department of Fish and Game website.

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