Rick Herrick points out the recycled Levi Jeans insullation

Big Bear, Ca, April 22, 2011, 3:00pm –In celebration of Earth Day, KBHR would like to provide you with information regarding our new building, and how we are working hard to create a green building!  When General Manager and Owner of KBHR Rick Herrick decided he wanted to move the studios into a building of our own, he wanted to keep the construction local, and the building green and energy efficient.  The building faces south, and the angle of the roof is at a 32 degree angle, which is the best angle to pick up solar power.  The building is pre-wired for solar panels, which will be installed in the future.  The insullation used for the recording and on-air studios is made from recycled Levi jeans, and will provide a very high sound block factor.  All lights and appliances used will be energy star rated, providing the highest efficiency possible, and all lights will be either LED or florescent lights.  The way the windows are arranged will provide ambient natural lighting during the daylight hours, cutting down on energy and costs.  The heating and ventilating systems are also energy star rated.  In addition to maintaining a green building, Herrick has hired local sub-contractors to complete the different phases.

[audio:http://kbhr933.com/wp-content/uploads/SP306441.mp3|titles=KBHR using green building practices and local contractors]