San Bernardino County, June 10, 2013 – On June 1, the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department held the first countywide Gun Buy Back Program and netted nearly 1400 firearms including 23 assault rifles. The program took place in six locations throughout San Bernardino County.

The Gun Buy Back Program offered an opportunity for residents throughout San Bernardino County to surrender firearms they no longer wanted to possess.  In exchange for surrendering weapons, participants received a Stater Bros gift card of up to $200.

Over the past five years, 3,783 guns have been reported stolen in the Sheriff’s Department’s jurisdiction.  A records check will be conducted on each surrendered firearm, and every attempt will be made to return them to their rightful owner.

County Sheriff John McMahon said, “The program ensures these weapons will not fall into the hands of criminals.  Making the streets safer for the citizens of this county remains my top priority.”