Big Bear City Community Services District logoBig Bear, Ca, May 4th, 2011, 9:45am –On May 3rd, in an email to the Big Bear City Community Services District, James Smith resigned as Director of the CSD Board.  The CSD has not received a resignation in writing as of the morning of May 4th.  The remaining three board members Jeff Newsome, John Green, and Paul Terry will hold a special meeting in the coming weeks to address options on how they will move forward in their search for now two board members.  According to Board President Jeff Newsome a date has not been set for the special meeting yet as the CSD is working with legal counsel to determine the best route.  “This is unprecedented in our history as far as I know,” said Newsome, “we want to proceed carefully.”   Options include an appointment process, or calling a special election.   Newsome, in response to James Smith and Rick Ollila resigning, told KBHR, “I never suspected, and I don’t think the people who voted for them, especially the people that voted for James, expected a political grit.”  James Smith was unavailable for comment at time of publication.