Big Bear Lake, Ca – December 28, 2016 4:00 pm – With the recent snowfall in the Big Bear Valley, KBHR and the Big Bear Municipal Water District are reminding everyone of the dangers of walking on lake ice. Not only can it cost you your life, it can cost you money, and jeopardize the safety of rescuers. Every winter the San Bernardino County Sheriff and MWD receive calls related to people walking on lake ice, and although there have not been any reportable incidents in many years, the potential for disaster is there. Water temperatures in Big Bear Lake during the winter months can average between 35 to 40 degrees even when there’s no ice. If you end up in the water, you could be unconscious in less than 15 minutes. Not only are people at risk, your pets are too. Our local Fire Departments have rescued several dogs over the years that have ventured out unattended and not on a leash. Also remember that with the recent snowfall it may be difficult to distinguish where the shore ends and the lake begins, as snow has stacked up on top of portions of lake ice.  Please remember to STAY OFF LAKE ICE, it’s against the law, you will be fined up to $500, and you could lose your life. If you see anyone on the ice, call 911 and report it immediately.