Big Bear, Ca, November 10, 2010, 8:00pm – More than 30,000 volunteer hours have been logged by members of the National Forest Association’s Off Highway Vehicle Volunteer Program in one year, for the second time in the program’s history. These volunteer hours have an estimated dollar-value of nearly $700,000 in support of conservation and land management efforts across the San Bernardino National Forest. The Program fields more than 300 dedicated volunteers.   Within that 30,000 hours volunteers patrolled thousands of miles of trail and made numerous contacts with forest visitors. If one individual were to try and accomplish the same amount of work it would take them more than 14 years working a full-time job.   Off Highway Vehicle Volunteers greet fellow OHV enthusiasts, share information about back-country travel on public land managed by the Forest Service, and assist in handling emergencies. While they carry no law enforcement authority to enforce regulations they use their influence – a product of their experience and training – to encourage responsible off-highway travel, and create a culture of responsibility that will help promote continued access to public lands for off-road enthusiasts.   The Off Highway Vehicle (OHV) Volunteer Program is one of 6 programs managed by the National Forest Association.  The mission of the OHV Volunteer Program is to involve citizens in public land stewardship and information services. The OHV Volunteer Program partners with the Forest Service and is primarily funded by grants, and corporate and private contributions.  To find out how you can support the OHV Volunteer Program, contact Rick at (562) 355-5538.  [audio:|titles=OHV Volunteers]