Big Bear, Ca, January 19, 2011, 8:00am – On January 14th, officials from the city, county and state met to discuss Highway 330. Cal Trans has already awarded a contract for 6 million dollars, which will go towards emergency repairs, and has stated that they will award a contract of 20 million dollars, which will repair road washouts and old culverts.  Currently, many of the existing culvert pipes are over 60 years old, are now beyond their service life and need to be repaired.  There is a major slide on Highway 330, as well as five other significant slides that also make the road impassable.  Several slides must be repaired on both approach ends, before crews can begin work on the major slide.  Director for CalTrans District 8, Dr. Raymond Wolfe stated that the repairs would take one year to fix all the culverts, unstable roadway and slide areas, which will cost at least 20 million dollars.