Helicopter Crash at Big Bear City Airport Causes Minor Injuries to the Pilot But the Helicopter is Totaled

Big Bear City, CA, July 24, 2010, 10:30am – Saturday morning at 10:07am, at the Big Bear City Airport, a single Bell JetRanger helicopter crash resulted in the sole occupant walking away from the accident with minor cuts to his head and elbow.  He refused medical attention from the paramedics on the scene.  According to the pilot and registered helicopter owner, Bob Miars from La Verne, lost tail rotor effectiveness as he was hovering just above the tarmac at the south side of the airport waiting for a Cessna airplane to pass.  A portion of one of the helicopter blades separated during the crash and flew into the window of a vacant house on Fairway causing minor damage.  The helicopter crashed upright into a drainage ditch on airport property.  As described by the pilot, the 1975 Bell 206B2 is a total loss.  Mr. Miars is an extremely experienced pilot with 6600 hours of helicopter hours having flown F4 Phantom fighters in the Air Force.  Coincidentally, three FAA inspectors out of Riverside were having breakfast at the airport when the crash occurred.  An investigation is underway.

FAA Investigators interview a witness to the Helicopter mishap. An investigation is underway.

Robert Miars the owner, pilot and sole passanger recieved minor injuries; a portion of the blade separated during the crash and hit a vacant house on Fairway

A portion of the blade separated during the crash and hit a vacant house on Fairway

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