Hanna Flat Campground Re-opens for Memorial Day Weekend; Visitors Reminded to Be Fire-Safe While on the San Bernardino National Forest

smokey-thumbMost of the recreation sites on the San Bernardino National Forest will be open to visitors for the Memorial Day weekend; this includes the wildfire damaged portions of the Pacific Crest Trail and Hanna Flat Campground, which has been reconstructed since suffering damage in the 2007 Butler #2 Fire. Says Forest Supervisor Jeanne Wade Evans, “Once again, we look forward to summer visitors enjoying camping, hiking, mountain biking, fishing, or a variety of other recreational activities on the forest.” While on the forest, though, visitors are reminded to be vigilant. Adds Wade Evans, “While visiting, exercise safe practices and always remain aware of the current situation outdoors and the potential for wildfire in this area.” To that end, target shooting is currently limited to public shooting ranges, and campfires are only permitted in agency-provided fire rings in campgrounds, picnic grounds and yellow post sites. Outside of developed sites, only propane or gas cooking stoves are permitted. Also, those with the San Bernardino National Forest remind that an Adventure Pass must be displayed within vehicles parked at recreation sites, such as picnic areas. For more information on the San Bernardino National Forest, or to purchase an Adventure Pass, visitors can stop by the Big Bear Discovery Center on Big Bear Lake’s North Shore.

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