Big Bear City, CA, December 5, 2011, 8:00am – Big Bear Valley Habitat for Humanity is looking for a partner family to help build and own home number five. The three bedroom, two bath home will be built on Cedar Lane in Sugarloaf. In order to qualify, the partner family must currently be living in housing that is considered inadequate. The family must have a willingness to work with Habitat for Humanity, devote 250 hours (per adult) to the construction of the home, and meet income qualifications. The family must be able to pay its bills and have adequate income to cover all costs. Other requirements include proof of citizenship or legal residency, proof of automobile insurance, and at least one year of residency in Big Bear Valley. This is not a give-away program, although the mortgage will be interest free. The partner family will become the owner of the home once all qualifications are met. For more information visit or call 909-273-3036.