habitatblue-thumbOur local Habitat for Humanity, the non-profit that pulls together donations of materials and labor to make home ownership possible for local, low-income families, held two fundraisers this week. Proceeds from Sunday’s lakeside meal at B’s and Tuesday’s golf tournament at Bear Mountain will go toward the completion of Habitat’s fourth home in the Big Bear Valley, which is currently being built in Baldwin Lake. Michelle Holloway, a Habitat volunteer and board member, tells KBHR, “We had a couple hundred people come to B’s throughout the day. We had boats docked off the beach enjoying the music, and people hung out and had a good time, and we made more than $2,000—and all this will go toward completing the house. We needed doors and flooring, and these funds will cover that.” Sally Iazeolla, also a Habitat volunteer, says that their 5th annual golf tournament brought in $4,600 so, all told, about $6,700 was made for the home that will, as of last week’s announcement, go to the Oogjen family. Single parent Gabi Oogjen, who works at St. Joseph’s Catholic Church, is a worthy recipient, says Iazeolla: “Gabi’s son is in Iraq, her other son is a teacher oversees, and she has a 15-year-old daughter Tabitha, who played in our golf tournament and was on the winning team. Even before Gabi won this house, she was out there selling tickets for us, and she came to lots of events and meetings. She was right there helping, even before she knew she was going to get the house. She is very worthy.” Tabitha Oogjen’s teammates who shared Tuesday’s victory in the golf tournament sponsored by Realty Executives were Mark Dolan, Andy Lemos and Ed Ello. For more information about Habitat for Humanity, including donation opportunities, you can visit their website at bbvhfh.org. As local Habitat for Humanity President Rick Fromm tells KBHR, “The spirit of charity in this Valley is absolutely amazing. It’s heartwarming. We’re blessed that this community supports us so we can make a difference, one family at a time.”